Digital is a broad brush. We love technology and the Internet and have always been early adopters. Whether its building an interactive film with branching narratives corresponding to user choices or designing and implementing an augmented reality experience for your clients smartphones, we understand it and we have the means to make it happen quickly.

We cross pollinate all of our skill set to everything we do – 3D computer animation can be used to create assets for an augmented reality hot spot in a brochure – i.e. you point your phone’s camera at a symbol in a paper brochure and up jumps a scrollable 3D model that your clients can look around and explore.

Social Networking. We all use it and we feel it is important for a brand to use all of it, not just Facebook or Twitter or Youtube, but all of them. However these hubs are not good without content and that is where our expertise lies, creating exceptional content that drives PR.

We have won several awards for our digital work – most noticeably we won a gold and a bronze cyber-lion at Cannes advertising festival for our work with Emirates Airline – Non Stop Fernando. A 14hour 40 minute ‘one take’ documentary about Brazil and Brazilian culture to promote the new non stop route from Dubai to Sao Paulo

Please see our latest project, an interactive film for the Royal Marines to drive officer recruitment.